From the President...


Greetings Memphis Wellesley Women and Families—past, present, and future!

Our club vision is to bring the Wellesley motto--non ministrari sed ministrare--to life right here in the greater Memphis area. We want to demonstrate what it means not be served but to serve in this place that is now our home.

When I returned home to Memphis after being away for 25 years, the first people I reached out to were Wellesley women. My mom remarked how happy I was after our first meeting. Wherever I have lived, I have made an attempt to connect with my Wellesley sisters. (I should admit that I also went to Foxcroft, a girls boarding school, so I have a backup plan as well.)

After I got a sense of the place where I was born, I was filled with enthusiasm about the opportunities to make contributions for anyone who is interested. Although much had changed in a quarter century, there was enough familiarity to help me see that I was indeed home.

It is my honor and pleasure to be able to serve as Memphis Wellesley Club President. I intend to do my best to engage you all in activities and conversations that reflect the richness of Wellesley and the boldness of our motto. That said, I want us to be far more than a service organization. I want us, through our service, to be a part of positive change for girls and women in our region.

Over the coming months, you will have opportunities to unite with other organizations serving girls and women so we can serve the greater Memphis area together. You’ll also have the opportunity to just hang out, have fun, and get to know each other.

Thank you to all the alumnae who are active and dues paying members!

Alumnae, if you are not currently active in the club, please become active. Join us for some of the events that can be found on this site. Let us know how you engage with the community and how your Wellesley sisters can help. Contribute your dues to help us pursue our vision.

We look forward to seeing you!

Current Wellesley Students and Parents, we’re family now, so don’t be strangers. Parents can become active and voting members of the club by paying club dues. But you don’t have to pay dues to join us at events.

We look forward to seeing you!

Prospective Wellesley Students and Parents, you are also welcome to join us at our events. Please browse what we are up to and let us know when you’ll be joining us. We would love to introduce you to the spirit of Wellesley in Memphis.

We look forward to seeing you too!

Be well.

Adriane Johnson-Williams, Ph.D.